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Types of Alcohol With The Most Calories

If you really sit down and give it some thought, the realization that it’s all unfair starts to settle in. What do we mean? We’re talking about the idea that everything that’s fun for you also isn’t good for you, or good for your body, that is. Of course, that’s not always necessarily the case,…

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Kombucha Myths Worth Busting

Given that kombucha has been around for some time — since roughly 200 BC in China, actually — that’s given society more than enough time to start circulating some things about Kombucha that just aren’t true whatsoever. If you’ve heard ridiculous things like “kombucha is just pure vinegar with probiotic culture added” or “drinking more…

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Kombucha And Alcoholic Cocktails: Why?

There are many ways to approach life. One viewpoint that seems to be popular among many people — especially those that tend to exercise, live actively, and make wise choices with their diet — is to make carefully calculated sacrifices. What does that mean? We’re talking about having fun and enjoying yourself. Simply having a…

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