Get Creative By Drinking Something That’s Out Of The Ordinary

If you’re fixing to enjoy some drinks with friends to celebrate a special occasion or even just unwind after a stressful week at work, you’re certainly not devoid of any options. Truly, these days, you’ll find tons of craft liquor, craft beer, and other carefully-constructed concoctions to imbibe in. Why have an average time with an average drink? Even IPAs used to be something new and fresh to the alcohol scene, but now they’re totally a time a dozen. There’s also nothing new about your standard liquors or picking up a vintage wine.

Though time-honored, these drink options just don’t bring anything truly fresh and creative to the table. But adding real kombucha to the mix, and bringing it to you in a ready-to-go can? Now that’s something worth checking out!

Up Your Drink Game With Kombucha Cocktails

Created especially for those who actually care about what they put in their body, we’ve managed to concoct four delicious mixed drinks with kombucha in them. By combining the probiotic and antioxidant-rich benefits of naturally-occurring kombucha with the…well, fun of alcohol, Kombucha Cocktails believes that we’ve truly come up with the perfect drink. From sunny days out on the beach to staying cozy at home to avoid the weather and every occasion in between, our ready-to-go mixed drinks are here for you!

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Below, you’ll find some outside-of-the-box cocktails for your drinking enjoyment.

The Green Ghost

Deviating just slightly from the classic gin and tonic, this is a great mixed drink for those who tend to appreciate the more bitter side of things. Instead of tonic water to balance things out, you’ll find Green Chartreuse and lime juice in this drink that looks as tasty as it actually is.

Skip The Soda With An El Presidente

This sweet and fruity beverage is refreshing, and also doesn’t skimp on the flavor department. In the El Presidente, you’ll find rum, pineapple juice, lime juice, and grenadine. Just make sure to consume these in moderation because that’s quite a lot of sugar packed into one beverage (unlike what you’ll find with Kombucha Cocktails!).

The Mojito Alternative: Caipirinhas

Speaking of sugar, you’re bound to find a good amount of it in your average caipirinha, considering that sugar is one of three main ingredients found in this concoction. The national drink of Brazil, Caipirinhas are based on Cachaça and traditionally include lime to tie everything together in a sweet and sour fashion.

The Martini Alternative: The Vancouver

Vodka is praised for its lack of sugar and calories (as far as alcohol goes), as well as its neutral flavor and ability to mix well with nearly anything. Deviating from your traditional martini, The Vancouver is an interesting gin-based drink that also features sweet vermouth, Benedictine, and orange bitters. Given that the entire drink is made with booze, expect it to taste pretty strong, but hey, you’ll be drinking like you’re at a classy late 1800s cocktail party.

The French 75

Why not take things a step further from the go-to brunch drink of choice, the mimosa? The French 75 is no doubt a little bit boozier, but it also might make you look like a pretty sophisticated brunch-goer. With gin, sugar, lemon juice and, of course, champagne, this drink looks as classy as it sounds enticing.

The Twelve Mile Limit

Though we’re sure that your limit for a drink like this will be much, much less than twelve, this cocktail is fairly reminiscent of the prohibition era. Sure, the Long Island Iced Tea packs a potent punch, but why not be a little more classy about your drinking? In the Twelve Mile Limit, you’ll enjoy a nice mix of white rum, rye whiskey, brandy, grenadine, and lemon juice.

Enjoy Something Truly Different With Kombucha Cocktails

Life is too long to drink the same types of alcoholic beverages if you choose to partake, but it’s also too short not to enjoy yourself in the first place. The perfect option? We’re sure that something that tastes great, doesn’t completely destroy your body, and contains alcohol sounds pretty great. Low-sugar and low-calorie content only top things off. Well, we have great news for you — this description isn’t fictional! Kombucha Cocktails is here to change the alcoholic beverage game.

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