Kombucha And Alcoholic Cocktails: Why?

There are many ways to approach life. One viewpoint that seems to be popular among many people — especially those that tend to exercise, live actively, and make wise choices with their diet — is to make carefully calculated sacrifices. What does that mean? We’re talking about having fun and enjoying yourself. Simply having a good time and creating hilarious, memorable experiences with good company is one of the most important keys to happiness.

A Fresh Alternative To Something You’re Familiar With

Unfortunately, to have a good time and imbibe in drinks like alcohol, this often comes at a fairly high price for our health. Now, while you certainly don’t have to partake in booze just to have a good time, the reality is that countless people do choose to pair their favorite activity or experience with a drink — and responsibly speaking, that’s totally fine! However, with the relatively high caloric content of most drinks out there, paired with the myriad of added sugars, artificial flavorings, and other things that just aren’t great for your health, drinking often leaves us feeling…less than optimal. Truly, you can moderate your drinking to very reasonable levels, and even if you do successfully avoid any semblance of a hangover, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re doing your body any good.

Feel Good About Your Choices

Voilà! Cue Kombucha Cocktails. When four good friends with a passion for creating excellent cocktails came together and decided to throw a splash of ginger kombucha into a classic Dark & Stormy cocktail, it all started to make sense. Why not create something that tastes great, isn’t terrible on our bodies and sense of wellbeing, makes us feel good like normal alcoholic drinks, all conveniently packaged in a ready to go can? The decision to go forward was, of course, obvious.

So here we are now. With a selection of delicious, well-thought-out flavor mixes, Kombucha Cocktails is proud to provide low-calorie, gluten-free and low-sugar alcoholic beverages that you bring just about anywhere with you. Wherever life’s adventures take you, just know that there’s the perfect drink out there to complement your experience.

The Alchemy Of Kombucha Cocktails

Our drinks didn’t start out perfect from the get-go — refined perfection takes time and improvement. After experimenting with a number of batches, recipes and getting valuable feedback from friends and family, the ideal cocktail was eventually born. Well, four ideal cocktails were born when you consider each delicious cocktail that we offer!

It All Starts With The Kombucha

Though the process took awhile to meet the demanding standards of the average fit and active consumer who enjoys a drink here and there, the makeup of Kombucha Cocktails is actually fairly simple. Starting with small-batch kombucha, we brew the good stuff, providing our cocktails with a mixer that isn’t packed with tons of sugars, artificial flavorings, dyes, and other garbage that takes 30 seconds to read. Fairly unique to the craft cocktail game, small-batch kombucha offers useful probiotics and antioxidants that will leave you feeling…well, good.

Premium Alcohol, Quality Ingredients

Following our brewed kombucha with premium craft spirits — no wells liquor here — that means that you’re only getting delicious natural flavors and a refined experience that only high-quality alcohol can deliver. Kiss high-fructose corn syrup goodbye!

No Glass, No Worries

Going to a music festival? Bring Kombucha Cocktails with you. Hitting the beach for the day, or are your friends planning an epic day hike? The worries of glass shattering are in the past. Though canned, ready to go cocktails aren’t necessarily 100 percent new to the craft cocktail market, canned kombucha-infused booze is, to say the least, pretty groundbreaking. Sure, we’re biased on the matter, but don’t you agree?

Whatever you go (keeping public drinking laws in mind), trust that the reliable can will be there for you when you need it the most.

The Good Stuff: The Cocktail Lineup

Steadfast Stormy

Based on the original Dark & Stormy that we were initially experimenting with, Steadfast Stormy will be the single go-to drink for kombucha lovers who also have an affinity for rum. With ginger and lime notes, the Steadfast Stormy features a smooth balance of flavor that’s entirely consistent from the crack of the can to that last, sweet sip.

With 1/3rd of the calories of a traditional Dark & Stormy, we’re proud to bring you a rum-based cocktail that you won’t feel bad about drinking. This wasn’t easy to create, but after all, “a smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.”

Sunshine State

If you’re more of a tropical beverage person, our Sunshine State is what you want for those sunny, warm summer days. With 6x distilled craft vodka, the natural flavorings of mango and key lime come together to fuse with the natural kombucha flavor to provide a truly refreshing, unforgettable drinking experience. Unfortunately, the sunshine to enjoy this beverage is not necessarily included, but hopefully nature takes care of that for you.

Cucumber Clarity

Cucumber is so much more than just a low-calorie (really a no-calorie) vegetable. What we believe to be an instant classic, Cucumber clarity successfully combines the piny taste of premium distilled botanical gin with the light, refreshing qualities of cucumber and lime. If there’s a ready to go adult beverage that actually enhances your focus (we’re not making any definitive claims here, mind you), Cucumber Clarity would be it.

Mindful Mule

If you’ve enjoyed your fair share of traditional Moscow Mules in the past, then you’re probably familiar with how delicious and…well, flat-out enjoyable they can be. While we don’t provide the copper mug for a proper drinking experience, feel free to pour out this craft libation featuring 6x distilled craft vodka, our signature kombucha blend, and of course, ginger and lime.

Of course, we’re very confident that the Mindful Mule will taste nothing less than perfect straight out of the can, but we’re not stopping you pouring it out for true mule experience. Hats off to you if you’re venturing around with an actual copper mug on your person!

Have Fun, Enjoy Life, And Treat Your Body Well. What’s There Not To Love?

For those who truly care about what they’re putting into their body, but also enjoy a high-quality libation or two, believe us: we hear you. Life is too short not to enjoy yourself and let loose here and there, but it’s also too long to feel less than excellent in your day-to-day life.

With Kombucha Cocktails, we really feel like we hit the nail on the head. Now, it’s up to you to decide for yourself. Try each one of our flavors, be good to your body, mind and soul, and get out there and enjoy yourself. That’s what life is all about!

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