Kombucha Myths Worth Busting

Given that kombucha has been around for some time — since roughly 200 BC in China, actually — that’s given society more than enough time to start circulating some things about Kombucha that just aren’t true whatsoever. If you’ve heard ridiculous things like “kombucha is just pure vinegar with probiotic culture added” or “drinking more than one bottle of kombucha a day will make your stomach explode,” we trust that you have the intelligence to write these claims off as nothing shy of complete bogus.

Kombucha Cocktails: A Refreshing Adult Beverage That’s Not A Myth!

While Kombucha Cocktails takes the standard kombucha experience a little bit further by adding top-quality craft spirits and other simple ingredients like lime and lemon to the mix, we don’t solely dabble in Kombucha…though it is literally in our brand name! That’s why we feel that it is important to set the record straight about some of these kombucha myths in today’s blog post.

If you’re here and you’re still thinking to yourself, “…kombucha with more than trace amounts of alcohol? That’s a thing?” We’d be happy to remind you that, yes, it is! We’ve successfully created four delicious flavors of low-calorie, ready-to-go mixed drinks for the conscious consumer who wants to enjoy themselves, but is also mindful of what they put into their body. It really doesn’t get much better than that!

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Now, let’s address some of these pesky kombucha myths.

Myth: Brewing Kombucha At Home Is Inherently Unsafe

Brewing kombucha in the comfort of your own home isn’t going to cause any major harm at all, even if the process doesn’t go quite right. The only thing you really have to keep in mind is the mold aspect — and if you’ve lived just about any amount of years on this earth, the chances are strong that you’re familiar with how mold looks. If you notice that characteristic blue, black or white fuzz growing on top of the culture, don’t continue brewing. Just simply throw it out like you would a piece of bad fruit or bread.

Myth: Properly-Fermented Kombucha Is Always “Fizzy”

The fizziness of your kombucha largely depends on how carbonated it is. The kombucha itself may or may not be fizzy, but this is almost always determined by the specific culturing conditions. If you want to increase the carbonation of your own kombucha brew, bottle your finished kombucha and then continue to ferment it at room temperature.

Myth: The Larger The Scoby, The Faster The Brewing Time

For those uninitiated to the inner workings of kombucha, “scoby” is an acronym that simply refers to “Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast.” Essentially, scoby is the living home of the bacteria and yeast that actually transforms what was once sweet tea and turns it into the full-blown probiotic goodness of kombucha.

When you brew your own kombucha, you don’t necessarily want it to grow faster — the more time your batch has to culture, the more time the flavor has to properly develop. To speed up the process while having the right amount of scoby in your kombucha, consider acquiring a wider fermentation vessel.

Myth: You Can’t Use Honey As A Sweetener When Making Kombucha

While it’s true that white cane sugar is the go-to as food for the kombucha culture, honey is also a suitable source of nutrition for your scoby. Honey can net some very good-tasting results, but it also may be consistent, so it is also generally recommended to keep a backup scoby on hand that was given a white cane sugar mixture.

Myth: Kombucha Is A New Health Fad

False! As we mentioned above, kombucha has actually been around since ancient times. For many years, societies have acknowledged kombucha’s value.

Bonus Myth: Kombucha Can’t Be Combined With Noticeable Quantities Of Alcohol

By “noticeable quantities,” we mean that kombucha does naturally have trace amounts of alcohol found inside of it. However, Kombucha Cocktails is leading the way by providing a true alternative to less-than-good-for-you cocktails: kombucha with alcohol!

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Regardless of where you are or what you’re doing, our convenient, ready-to-go kombucha with alcohol drinks are here to help you live your best life — and enjoy it, too! Discover the amazing qualities of Kombucha Cocktails today.

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