Types of Alcohol With The Most Calories

If you really sit down and give it some thought, the realization that it’s all unfair starts to settle in. What do we mean? We’re talking about the idea that everything that’s fun for you also isn’t good for you, or good for your body, that is. Of course, that’s not always necessarily the case, but we do have a pretty interesting take on this notion as a brand that’s successfully fused alcohol with kombucha. Indeed, you could say that our mission to provide delicious, low calorie mixed drinks that won’t cause a major setback in your quest for fitness is an ambitious undertaking. You’d be right.

Shaking Up The Alcohol Game With Our Low Calorie Mixed Drinks

But here’s the thing: we’ve actually done it. With four delicious flavors to choose from (and more down the pipeline), Kombucha Cocktails presents a literally refreshing alternative to the classic ideology that fun things are bad for your body. There can be a reasonable balance, and we firmly believe that we’ve achieved this via our initial selection of low calorie mixed drinks.

Kombucha With Alcohol: Your Mind And Your Body Will Like It

If you’re interested in a product like kombucha with alcohol, then you’re probably pretty self-conscious about what goes into your body as far as food and drink go. Good for you! It’s important to care about the fuel that moves you. After all, you are what you eat, and by extension, you are also what you drink. At least, that’s what we think. However, are you fully aware of just how many calories are packed in various types of alcohol? We’ve even blogged about why alcohol has so many calories. It seems like you just can’t get a caloric break when it comes to booze. Well, that is, until you’ve tried Kombucha Cocktails.

Below, we’re going to cover the caloric content of various types of alcohol in case you’re not fully aware of just how many calories are present in what you’re drinking. From our classic Steadfast Stormy, Sunshine State, Cucumber Clarity and Mindful Mule, you’ll find the perfect ready-to-go low calorie mixed drink for you. Learn more about treating your body right and drinking responsibly here.

Whiskey (Bourbon)

A drink that’s great served on the rocks or just plain neat, bear in mind that you’re consuming roughly 105 calories per 1.5 fl oz (assuming the standard 40 percent abv). Wild Turkey Kentucky Bourbon only contains about 104 calories per shot — not a huge difference by any means, but it is over 50 percent alcohol by volume.

Variations of bourbon whiskey like cognac and brandy tend to contain even more calories per serving due to the fact that they boast a higher alcohol percentage, and therefore, a higher sugar content. Ah, that’s the good stuff right there.

Vodka (And Flavored Vodka)

Though typically viewed as one of the more low-calorie hard alcohol options out there, it’s not like vodka is devoid of any calories. At 96 calories per 1.5 fl oz (at the standard 40 percent abv), that’s not too far off from bourbon whiskey, and flavored vodka can pack even more calories with additional flavorings and sweeteners that add to the sugar content. When you add soda or other sugary drink mixes to vodka, you’re only going to make it worse. Our Mindful Mule or Cucumber Clarity offers a very refreshing take on vodka!


Like vodka, gin also clocks in at around 96 calories per the same serving at the same alcohol by volume. Really, it’s the tonic water that many people tend to add to gin that really racks up the sugar content — though traditionally very bitter due to the quinine content of tonic water, most companies throw in a bunch of sugar to mask the overly bitter flavor. Just stick with carbonated water instead!

Higher-strength gin (aptly referred to as “Navy strength” gin) generally contains even more calories than its weaker alcoholic counterpart, and that’s mostly due to the higher sugar and alcohol content itself. For instance, Plymouth Gin is an impressive 57 percent alcohol by volume and contains roughly 123 calories per serving as opposed to the traditional 96. Having a few drinks? Those calories are sure to add up.


Though many craft beers on the market these days tend to contain far more than your standard 5 percent abv, it’s assumed that a 12oz beer that contains 5 percent abv also contains about 145 calories. As for those crazy double and triple IPAs out there? Heck, there are beers out there that go well into the 15-18 percent abv range. We can only imagine…

Wine (Red and White)

Wine generally tends to have fewer calories than beer, but about the same or even more calories than hard liquor. Your average 5 fl ounces of white wine at 12.5 percent abv clock in at around 121 calories, and for the same amount of red wine at 14 percent abv, you’re looking at around 125 calories. So, all in all, that’s not too bad but also not too great.

The Best Low Calorie Mixed Drink Is Ready For YOU Here At Kombucha Cocktails!

Our bodies are temples and we should treat them well. However, life was also meant to be enjoyed. Why not have the best of both worlds? You can with Kombucha Cocktails! Learn more about our low calorie mixed drinks today.

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