Where Will You Take Your Kombucha Cocktail? The Possibilities Are Endless!

Glass is a thing of the past. You can’t rely on glass not to break during life’s demanding adventures, and the last thing that you want is a ticket from an officer — not because you had an open container, per se, but because your open containers were glass. But cans? That’s more like it. The only thing better than a ready-to-go drink that’s safe to travel anywhere with you is one that’s also not bad for you and your body.

Low-Calorie Mixed Drinks Just Got Even Better

What we’ve been able to do at Kombucha Cocktails is create a line of tantalizing mixed drink flavors that not only taste refreshing, but are also low in calories, low in sugar, high in probiotics and antioxidants, and — you guessed it — pretty high in alcohol content, too. What really seals the deal is the fact that our ready-to-go mixed drinks are reasonably priced, ensuring that you have something that tastes great and feels great to help you enjoy whatever is ahead of you in life. We truly think that we’ve successfully fused the best of all worlds, but there’s just one thing that we’re missing: you!

Discover our brilliant drink flavor lineup including the iconic Steadfast Stormy, the crisp Mindful Mule, the ever-refreshing Sunshine State, or the balanced Cucumber Clarity.

Below (with respect to public drinking laws, of course), Kombucha Cocktails offers some adventurous inspiration to pair with your drinking experience. Let’s take a look.

Take Our Canned Cocktails On A Hike

If someone ever facetiously tells you to go on a hike, well, you should…so long as your backpack is filled with kombucha with alcohol! Go out and enjoy the sights that nature has to offer, and take a nice, scenic break to sip a drink that complements the tranquility of the outdoors.

Get Lost In A Great Novel With Our All-Natural Kombucha Drink

Every adventure in life doesn’t have to be hardcore. Why not live vicariously through an adventurous character? From fiction to nonfiction, reading offers endless imaginative possibilities for the mind. Sipping the ideal drink just adds icing to the cake.

Hit Up A Beach Party And Surf It Up With Our Gluten-Free Mixed Drinks

Kombucha Cocktails are great for those sunny, carefree summer days on the beach — one of our signature flavors is Sunshine State, after all! Gather your best buddies, make some delicious food, and throw an unforgettable beach party alongside the waves.

Fly Down A Mountain On Skis Or A Snowboard With Our Ready-To-Go Cocktails

If you’re a bit more of an extreme person with a higher baseline for stimulation, skiing and snowboarding (or even sledding down a massive hill) are sure to satisfy. With a drink that won’t overly dehydrate you or leave you feeling anything less-than-excellent on the mountain, have an epic session at the summit or fly down to the bottom for a celebratory drink at the base. It really doesn’t get much better than that!

Make It Happen With Kombucha Cocktails!

Our pre-mixed cocktails are ready to (responsibly) join you on life’s adventures. Are you ready? Discover the innovation of our kombucha with alcohol drinks today!

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