Why Does Alcohol Have So Many Calories, And What Are My Low-Calorie Options?

After a night out celebrating with some co-workers, family, good friends, or whoever else you enjoy spending your time with, you may have been a little bit surprised after stepping on your scale the following morning. If most things that are fun also aren’t very good for us, then alcohol is by no means an exception. Of course, this is hardly any secret, as anyone who’s imbibed a little too much knows that alcohol has quite the nasty side to it. But even if you are responsible and keep things in moderation, you’re still not out of the clear. Why? That’s because alcohol is just packed with empty calories.

The Delicious, Low-Calorie Mixed Drink Alternative

If you’re on a calorie-restricted diet or you’re just trying to be more mindful of what you’re putting into your body, we hear you. That’s why Kombucha Cocktails — the latest innovation in low-calorie mixed drinks — is here to help you, your body, and your sense of wellbeing. By combining the benefits of a natural, probiotic and antioxidant-rich drink like kombucha with the enjoyable aspects of alcohol, our convenient, ready-to-go beverages are designed just for you.

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Below, we’re going to take a look at the connection between alcohol and calories to shed some more light on this caloric conundrum.

Drinking A Piece Of Pizza Or Sipping On A Jar Of Cookies…What?

That doesn’t make sense, but when you consider that the average glass of wine can have roughly the same amount of calories as four cookies, or that a pint of your average lager is equivalent to a slice of pizza, well, maybe what you just read above does make a little sense. The problem, at least partially, lies in the fact that you’re drinking something, not eating something. “How can this drink contain calories just like food does?” All too often, we just don’t think about what’s going in our body.

And while eating a slice of pizza or eating a few cookies might not be the best thing to put in your body, at least the calories from these junk foods contain some semblance of nutritional value. As for alcohol, those calories are “empty calories,” meaning that they have no nutritional value whatsoever. Yes, you might find traces of vitamins and minerals from that glass of chardonnay or that citrus IPA, but what you’re consuming still doesn’t make any meaningful contribution to your diet.

So, Why Are There So Many Booze-Laden Calories?

Simply put, that’s because alcohol is made from sugar or starch, which themselves contain a lot of calories. Typically, you’re looking at about seven calories a gram, more or less — that’s almost as many as pure fat itself. Yikes. Of course, this isn’t the entire equation.

Utilization Issues

Even worse so (we apologize if we’re coming across as Debbie Downers here, but this topic is very important to us!), putting alcohol in your system will reduce the amount of fat that your body has available to burn for energy. Things like nutrients, protein, carbohydrates and (ideally) healthy fats are stored in our bodies to be used for good ol’ energy, but alcohol? The body says “I can’t use this. What is this? Alcohol won’t do!” and because alcohol from calories can’t be practically used, the body makes it a priority to get rid of it. Essentially, all of the other important processes that should occur as normal — like absorbing nutrients and burning fat — are interrupted.

Maybe the notorious “beer belly” is starting to make a little more sense, now.

So What Options Do I Have?

That’s a fair question. Unfortunately, with the craze of craft beer and fancy, heavy IPAs, Stouts, Porters and the like, these delicious beverages usually come at a high-calorie cost. Cocktails with sugary mixes and carbonated soda are also not ideal. Certain types of wine can be OK at times, but it entirely depends on what you’re drinking.

Do keep in mind that drinking any amount of any type of alcohol isn’t ideal in the context of losing weight or being on a diet, but there are some low-calorie mixed drinks and other options out there that will be a bit “friendlier” on your body.

Vodka Seltzer With Lemon Or Lime

Seltzer, which is essentially just water with added bubbles, is not to be mistaken with its sugar-packed cousin, tonic water. Tonic water is one of the last things that you want to be drinking on a calorie-conscious diet, but seltzer water is perfectly fine for you!

Scotch On The Rocks

Just about anything on the rocks won’t be too bad for you, so long as you’re not mixing sugary juices or sodas in it. Plus, these drinks are usually stronger, meaning that they should last longer.

A Glass Of Dry Red Wine

Sweeter reds tend to have — as you guessed it — more sugars, and so a drier red is likely going to be a better option. The bounty of antioxidants, polyphenols, flavonoids, and other things packed in red wine are a nice bonus, too!

The Choice To Drink Intelligently Is Yours

We don’t want to come across as overly judgmental, because hey, you’re free to drink and make life choices as you see fit. But if you’re really looking to imbibe while also keeping your diet in mind, there aren’t a ton of ideal options out there — at least, not without Kombucha Cocktails.

Our delicious, high-quality and low-calorie mixed drinks use the best craft spirits that we can get our hands on, ensuring that you have a drink that you can enjoy — and not feel bad about! The antioxidants and natural probiotic qualities of our kombucha just make the experience even better.

Drink Alcohol With Kombucha Today!

So what are you waiting for? Try our unique low-calorie mixed drinks with kombucha today!

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